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Can Anyone Really Make Money Online

This is the number one question that came to my mind when I first get to know about making extra income online. Rumours have it that you can still make money when you are sleeping or in a vacation when you start an online business.

So how true is it?

When I first started a website in 2009, I decided to take off my skeptic hat and put on my determination hat to give it a try.

It took me 2 years to make my first $100 online and I can still remember the scene of me taking the $100 check running to my wife to show her. Although it is just a $100 income after 2 years of taking courses and testing, but it is what kick start my income to 5 figures a month today.

The reason of the slow start is because there are too many lousy courses in the market that teaches stuff that are out dated. Worst of all, I had took a $3,500 offline seminar from a GURU who is indeed very famous in the world of internet market.

Guess what I learn?

It is something that is easily available in a $47 online course except that he is physically there to show it to me.

At that time, the technique he is teaching is so outdated that I felt cheated through the course.

Actually before I took the course, I walk up to the GURU to ask him whether his course can help me improve my current income as I am already making a couple of thousands dollars every month at that time. He told me YES OF COURSE and this is what I learn.

There are indeed too many lousy stuff in the market that is slowing people down. Therefore I decided to come up with this blog to help those of you who are looking for ways to make extra income from the comfort of your home.

Through my own analysis and testing, I eventually found a way to boost my online income and it hits constant 5 figures a month for me since 2013.

So if you ask me whether it is really possible to make money online, I will say YES as I am now making such money.

But is it really as easy as what most ads claim to be?

Definitely not, most people are looking for a push button online income where they can start making money with the push of a button. However this is not how it works, running an online business is the same as running an offline business except for the extremely low cost in starting an online business.

There is no way you can click on a button and generate ton of visitors to your website to buy and buy and buy.

You will need to learn how to generate traffic especially target traffic to your website and how to build a relationship with your readers. These are things that I learn along this online business journey that I had went through.

The problem with the internet is that people can hide behind their website selling lousy stuffs to others, however this is a very short term approach towards running an online business.

You will not go far if you decide to sell lousy stuffs to other. The only way you can make consistent good income for a long long time is through providing values to your readers plus solve their problem in the end. They will then recommend more people to you and you will make more money.

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