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Do You Need To Be An Expert in Any Field To Make Money Online

I bet this is the one of the question that is in the mind of most of you here who are looking to start an online business. In fact, this is the question that I have in my mind before I start my trading blog in 2009.

I have been reading up on trading and have a strong interest in it. Therefore I decided to create a trading blog to share with people whatever thing that I know. I still remember the struggle I had in my mind on whether my blog will be good enough as compared to other trading blog in the market as I am not yet an expert in the field.

In the end, it turns out that my blog is one of the most informative blog in the market as of today. I have received emails from readers telling me how much they have learned from my blog and I am glad to have taken the steps to starting the blog.

In fact, there are 2 ways you can go about with your blog

1) Write The Content Yourself – If you wish to maintain the blog yourself, I will suggest that you pick a topic that you are passionate in. There is no way you can maintain something that you are not passionate it for the long term.

If you are a guitar fanatic, then you can start a guitar blog to share with people anything that is related to guitar.

2) Hire People To Write for You – Alternatively if you are a person who do not like to write or do not have any specific hobby, you can then hire some writers to write for you. They charges about $5 to $10 per post depending on the quality of the writer.

In this case, you will then focus on marketing your blog to people and then replying to emails from your readers to make more sales.

No mattery what, you do not need to be an expert in the field that you have chosen to make money from it. I know some people who make money creating multiple websites on various topics that they do not know about.

What is important to me is communication and relationship building with your readers.

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