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How To Make Extra Income From Home

The best thing about making extra money online is you can do it at your own pace plus you are able to generate extra income with your passion. Whenever you are doing something that you are passionate in, you will never find it tiring.

I believe that everyone of us must have a certain hobby or something that we are particularly good in. So why don’t you use what you already know to make some extra income for yourself. This extra income can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the amount of work you can put in.

For example, if you are a housewife who loves to cook. It means that you must have been cooking for a long time plus you must have been reading up on cooking as well. With this knowledge that you have, you can then start a blog on cooking.

You must be wondering what exactly you can make out of a cooking blog and this is exactly what I am going to share with you guys here in this post.

No matter what you are passionate in, there are definitely a group of people who have the same passion as you. Therefore starting a blog can allows you to share what you know with others. You do not need to be an expert to start a blog. This is because your blog is simply your personal platform where you share what you know.

Let me elaborate more on how a cooking blog can make money. If you do a search on Google on the word “Cooking Recipe”, you will see a list of ads appearing on the right hand side of your webpage. These are ads by other people paying Google to show you their advertisement.

Google Ads

If you have a cooking blog, you can then apply for a Google Adsense Account. Once you are approved, you will be able to have Google Ads appearing on your website. Once someone on your website clicks on the ads, you will make some income out of it. However please do not click it yourself or ask your friends to click it for you. This will get you ban by Google once they suspect a fraud.

If you have a cooking blog with quite a good amount of traffic, you can easily make a couple of hundreds dollars from Google Ads alone. Therefore it is not hard for you to make extra income online just by sharing what you know.

In addition, you can also sell cooking recipe by others on your blog and then make a commission out of it. All you need to do is to sign up with and you can become an affiliate for a list of cooking products.

Taking the below affiliate product for example, you will make $15.02 whenever someone on your website buys that affiliate product.

Affiliate Product

Therefore it is not hard to make $500 to $1,000 online every month based on what you are passionate in. The reason why I am starting this blog is to show you guys that it is definitely possible for anyone to make money online and I am going to show you how I do it.

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  1. Mike says:

    There is nothing better than making money with my own passion and that is why I am learning how to make money online.

    Can you recommend me some course to start with.


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