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Online Vs Offline Biz

In this post, I am going to share with you the difference between setting up an online biz vs an offline biz. After this post, you will realize why there are more and more people joining into the world of online biz.

In fact, the faster you hop onto this train, the more prepared you are to make more money online when the time comes.

There are in fact a lot of things to compare between an online biz vs an offline biz. However I am just going to talk about the main 3 difference here in this post.

1) Cost of Startup - To start an offline biz, you will need to pay at least 3 months deposit for the space rental and you will have to renovate the shop space as well. This 2 alone will cost you a 5 figure amount to start your biz and this does not include the stocks that you will have to carry for this biz.

However to start an online biz, you can do it with as low as just $100/yr for the hosting of your website plus your domain name.

In addition, for online biz, you do not have to buy any stock as everything is in the form of digital delivery. In other word, you are making net profit for every sale which is why online biz is getting more and more attractive to the public.

The problem with most people is that they do not know how to start an online biz and this is exactly why I decided to start this blog. The purpose of my blog is to introduce people to online biz as it is really something that can change their life entirely like the way it has done to me.

The low cost of startup is something that I always tell my readers. You have nothing to lose as you will have everything to gain from starting an online biz as the max loss you will make is $100 for the hosting and domain name.

2) Time To Manage The Biz - The other thing that attract me to start my online biz is the amount of time to manage the biz. Personally, I just spend one hour per day replying the emails from my students and readers and I just spend an hour per week writing one blog post for my blog.

However when you are just starting out, you will of course need time to bring traffic to your website. Once your traffic become steady, you will basically have nothing much to do everyday.

3) Potential Customer - The next best thing about this online biz is that you can sell to the whole world and not just restrict to people in your country.

This alone gives you a lot of potential in this biz as you are able to promote your products to a lot of people.

Therefore you do not have to worry about competition in this biz as there are really a lot of potential customers. The cake is big enough for everyone to have a grab. In fact, you can make a decent income simply by taking a very small portion of the cake.

The above are the 3 main reason why I am in the online biz and it is also why I hope that everyone of you guys can do so as well.

The future is online and if you are quick enough to hop onto this train, you will definitely be able to make a decent income to replace your day job than those who hop in later.

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