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Problem With Most Online Marketing Course

If you have been trying to make money online, you should have purchased at least one online marketing course that promises to teach you how to make thousands online.

I dare to say that you are still not making a single cent online after all these courses that you have taken. In fact, the same thing has happen to me before.

When I started learning internet marketing, I purchased over $5,000 to $6,000 of courses and all of them lead me to nowhere. In fact, I have taken a offline seminar on internet marketing by a guru in Singapore that costs me $3,500.

Worst of all, I find out that what I have learned is what I can learned in a $97 course online and this really frustrate me. Since then I have never purchased another product from any gurus.

The main problem with these internet marketing courses is they teaches things that are very hard for a new comer to achieve. Worst of all, some courses teach stuffs that are simply outdated and no longer work.

The key to internet success is TRAFFIC and this is one thing that separates you from success and failure. For me, I believe that a good internet marketing course should be one that teaches you the fastest and easiest way to get traffic. Without a good amount of traffic, there is no way you can make any money online no matter how great your website or product is.

There are a lot of courses that teaches you how to get traffic from articles. But do you know that you need to write over 100 articles to get a few visitors a day. However article directories tend to have very good ranking on Google in the past which is why they work very well. But with the change of Google alogrithm, article directories no longer get the love of Google anymore.

But do not be surprised as you can still find courses that teaches you to get traffic from article writing. Therefore if you are looking for a internet marketing course, you must open your eyes wide. Personal I will not recommend any internet marketing course in this blog as there are a lot of useless courses available in the market.

However if you have happened to come across any good courses, please give your comments before to share with other readers here in this blog.

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Advantages of Starting an Online Business

With the advancement of internet and smartphone, starting an online business has never been more lucrative and possible. Ask yourself, how often you surf the internet using your mobile phone or ipad while you are traveling. In general, a person spend at least 5 hours online everyday and this stats alone gives us a very good reason why anyone should start an online business.

In this article, I am going to share with you several advantages of starting an online business.

1) Low Cost - Starting a website costs you less than $100 for the domain name, 1 year web hosting service and website theme design.

Unlike starting an offline business where you will have to fork out five figures to get thing started. Worst of all, you don’t even know if you ever made back the money.

With a low cost of $100, you can try out your business on a specific topic to see if it works or it suits you. If it does, you just have to build a presence and eventually you will have a business that makes you great income that can even replace your current day job.

If you find that the topic that you are doing is not profitable enough, you can simply spend another $100 to start a new website. In fact, you can easily make back the $100 within the first few months of your business.

I know some infopreneur who creates numerous websites each making them $100 to $200 per month and they can easily make a five figure income every month.

2) Extra IncomeI believe that most of you are holding a day job at the moment. However maintaining an online business can be done after your working hours.

You just need to spend an hour a day on your website and you will be able to make some extra income for yourself to pay some of your bills. In fact, I have friends who started their online business part time and now their online income has replaced their day job.

With the vast amount of customers online, the amount of income you can make is unlimited. It really depends on your ability to bring more traffic to your website.

3) 24/7 – Unlike an offline whereby you need people to attend to, an online business operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you are on a vacation where you do not have access to the internet, your online business will still generate income for you.

In fact, you just need to have a way to generate traffic constantly to your website and you can just leave your website alone for a long period of time.

4) Numerous High Quality Products Available - Unlike offline business where you need to first purchase some stocks to sell, an online business can be operated without a single stock on hand. In fact, selling information online makes more money than selling physical product online.

There are numerous high quality products that you can promote for a commission. The good thing about promoting other peoples products for a commission is that you do not have to worry about after sales service. If the buyers have any problem with the product, they simply have to look for the product owner and not you.

Above are some advantages of starting an online business and I hope that these information can encourage you to start your very own online business.

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